Tom Eckelman, AIA
Tom Eckelman serves as a Project Architect and Designer for Etegra. He is responsible for project management and design, cost estimating, facility programming, design consultation, and construction management.
William Albinson, AIA
Bill Albinson is responsible for the firm’s direction and for the major decisions that Etegra makes on behalf of its architecture clients. Bill manages assignments in facility programming, architectural design, master planning, and feasibility analysis.
Bruce Hesterberg, AIA
Bruce Hesterberg is responsible for project management and design, feasibility analysis, cost estimating and facility programming. He manages the production of construction documents and oversees all construction administration services.

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About Etegra

Etegra and its TeamFour architectural division is a unique full-service architectural-engineering company. Etegra has significant expertise in federal design standards, including secured facilities, with clients primarily in the federal sector, such as the GSA, VA, NGA, DoD and NPS. Other industries served include medical, education and nonprofit.

Advantages include:
8(a) and DBE/MBE Certified
Direct involvement with Etegra's principals throughout each phase of the contract
An emphasis on the use of retired military personnel for their unique qualities developed while serving our nation with honor