The design is the creative application of the program that realizes the true needs of our clients; it is enjoyable and supportive to everyone who experiences it, inside and out. Our process controls the environmental and capital costs of both construction and operation; construction by building only what is needed and operation by building sustainability into our designs.
We are committed to making the design and construction process collaborative, predictable and rewarding for all the participants.

Listed below are just some of the many examples of our work with various building types.
Our mission is to design commercial environments that are efficient and economically effective. Each project is a unique mix of design and technical factors.
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Retail Experience
J.Riggings Menswear Stores
Terra Systems Stores
Wild Pair Shoe Stores
Precis Shoe Stores
Exhilarama Amusement Centers
Virtuality Entertainment Centers
Blue Track Entertainment Centers
May Company Shopping Center Site Analysis
Goedeker Super Store
Rec Club Apparel
Joy of Ireland
Advance High School
Althoff High School
College School
Crystal City Schools
FOCUS Schools
Francis Howell District on-call services
> University City Children's Center
Meramec Community College updates
Roosevelt High School Renovation
University Park SEIU
Webster Village
> Edwardsville High School
Laclede School Renovation
Washington University Galley of Art
Wellston Developmental Child Care Center

FAMIS Midtown State Office Building
Federal Reserve Bank Dining Rooms
Bi-State Gravois-Hampton Transfer Center
GSA - Common Space at RAY Federal Building
GSA - Facade Repair at Hannibal Courthouse
GSA - Life Cycle Cost Analysis at RAY Building
GSA - Masonry Repair at RAY Building
GSA - Probation Department Renovation
> GSA - RAY Cafeteria Renovation
GSA - Slurry Wall at Eagleton Courthouse
GSA - USCIS at the RAY Bldg
GSA - USCIS in DesMoines
Jefferson State Office Bdg Reorganization
Jefferson State Office Bldg Renovation
Julia Davis Branch Library
Metro Bi-State On-Call services
Missouri State info Center Program
MO State Capitol Annex Study
MO Troop C Lab Renovation
Babler State Park Lodge Repair
Prince Georges County Transit Plan
> USPS Prototype - Various Locations
Veterans Memorial
Wainwright State Office Building Facade Repairs
University City Child Care
Team Four Architects
USPS Washington, MO
Team Four Architects
Assistance League of St. Louis Headquarters
> Camp Grizzly Cub Scout World
Camp Rising Sun Feasibility Study
Camp Tuckaho Common Hall
> Camp Tuckaho Dining Hall
ECHO Campus Master Plan
Edgewood Dormitory
Family Resource Center Renovation
Food Outreach Renovation
Hilltop Daycare Addition
Howard Park Early Intervention Center Renovation
Hoyelton Youth Residence
Patch Center Addition and Renovation
Peoples Health Centers Addition
Therapeutic Horsemanship Facility
Womens Safe House Renovation
Youth Service Centers
Camp Tuckaho Dining Hall
Team Four Architects
Algonquin Golf Club Master Plan
> Algonquin Swimming Pool Complex
Exhilarama Entertainment Centers
Lake St. Louis Marinas
Lauemeir Park Master Plan
Jewish Community Center Playground
University City Children's Center Playground
Camp Grizzly
Team Four Architects
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Team Four Architects
Maryland Walk Plaza Construction Documents
The Highlands Lofts Construction Documents
Central Riverfront Plan
> Forest Park Master Plan
Lincoln Douglas Square
May Ampitheatre
Meramec Bend County Park
Old Webster Development Plan
Ranger Station at the Arch
Russell Commons Park
St. Joe State Park
University Park Development Plan
Eagleton Courthouse High Performance Green Building Upgrades
Robert A. Young Building Masonry Restoration
The Villas at Brooking Park
> Robert A. Young Building Cafeteria Renovation
University City Children's Center
Wellston Developmental Center
Robert A. Young Federal Building, PV panels on roof
Team Four Architects
An educational environment should have an appearance that is appropriate to its function and role, fitting comfortably into its context.
Architecture is many things to us; from feasibility studies, master plans and programming, repair and alteration, site design and interiors.
Most buildings should fit comfortably within their context, whether built or natural, and at the same time create something unique for you, the client.
We strive to help you realize your objectives by improving the quality of your environment. We are committed to this goal through skillful, sustainable design and sound technical knowledge.
The most basic criterion for good design is that it supports its intended activities and is well constructed of materials suited to its expected use.
We are committed to innovation; this may mean finding unique solutions to problems or new ways of using existing materials.
Somtimes a building's appeal can come from external sculptural elements, internal space and light, materials, and colors. We believe that a building's organization should be understandable and should express its function, and it's parts should fit together logically to create a whole.
We are committed to the direct and continuous involvement of the principals of our firm in each project from its inception through the completion of its construction.
Office/Manufacturing Experience
Mid-America Transplant Services
Contel Service Center
Spartan Light Metal Entry
West Lake Office Building

Hospitality Experience
Subway Restaurants
Wraps Restaurants
Embassy Suites Hotel
Holiday Inn
Mayfair Hotel Renovation